Garage Laser Parking System For 1 or 2 Car Garage Parking Automatic Assistance Parking System, 100% New

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Parking System

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Brand: Parking System


Garage Laser Parking System For 1 or 2 Car Garage Parking Automatic Assistance

Garage Laser Parking System For 1 or 2 Car is an Automatic Parking Assistant, and is a parking guide to show you to the proper parking position.    Makes Parking in the Garage Safer and Easier.

Park Perfectly Every Time.

Red Laser Beam Guides you to a safe stop.

Automatically Activates When Vehicle Enters Garage.

Adjustable for 1 or 2 cars.

Easy One Step Installation - No Wiring Necessary. Double Stick Mounting Tape, or screws and hardware (all included).

Eliminate the risk of damage from trial and error parking attempts.

Unit mounts easily to garage ceiling and emits a bright red laser beam, precisely targeting exactly the pre-selected spot on the vehicle.

Activates only when the garage door is fully open, so it also works as an alert to signal when it is safe to back 

Powered by One 9V Battery (not included). Can also be powered by 110 Volt AC household current (adaptor included).

Item Condition: NEW Features: Park perfectly every time.
Automatically activates when vehicle enters garage.
Prevents damage to car and garage
Laser beam will guide you to the correct spot
Adjustable for either 2 or 1 car garage

Easy one-step installation. No wiring necessary

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