USB 1747-UIC A-B SLC cable for Allen Bradley SLC5/01/02/03/05 PLC Allen_Bradley, 100% New

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Product Details
Brand: Allen_Bradley
SKU: ECN10963-Cab_Oth


USB version of 1747-PIC cable, replacement for AB1747-UIC USB to DH-485 Interface, 1747-UIC connect devices using DH-485 protocol directly to USB port, via 1747-UIC's RS-232 or RS-485 port, cable adapter with TX/RX LED indicator.
Compatible with windows 98/200/XP, windows 7, windows 8, Vista
Compatible with Allen Bradley models:
SLC 5/00: 1747-L20,1747-L30, 1747-L40.
SLC 5/01: 1747-L511,1747-L512,1747-L513,1747-L514.
SLC 5/02: 1747-L521,1747-L522,1747-L523,1747-L524.
SLC 5/03: 1474-L531,1747-L532,1747-L533,1747-L534.
SLC 5/05 series and Micrologix 1000 series PLC

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