2000 Lumens HID Xenon Flashlight Spotlight Tactical Rechargeable Torch Silver Xenon Spotlight, 100% New

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Xenon Spotlight

Product Details
Brand: Xenon Spotlight


What is HID?
HID lamps produce light by striking an electrical arc across tungsten electrodes housed inside a
specially designed inner glass tube. This tube is filled with both gas and metals. The gas aids
in the starting of the lamps. Then, the metals produce the light once they are heated to a point of
evaporation. Like fluorescent lamps, HID lamps require a ballast to start and maintain their operation.
A HID lamp is 3 times brighter than a normal lamp of the same power.
This powerful and ultra-bright flashlight can satisfy your desire for brightness: 2000 lumens bulb,
800m light distance, 24W power output, 6000K color temperature, powerful and rechargeable 2200mAh
ICR18650 Li-ion battery, ergonomic design, extremely long service life, compact size and light weight,
stainless aluminum alloy flashlight case, decent design....
* 2000 lumens ultra-bright light.
* 800m light distance.
* 24W power output.
* 6000K color temperature.
* Powerful and rechargeable 2200mAh ICR18650 Li-ion battery.
* 1 Watt emergency LED light built into battery pack.
* Ergonomic design, anti-slip and IPX3 waterproof.
* Extremely long service life.
* Compact size and light weight, easy to handle and carry.
* With a carrying strap.
* Stainless aluminum alloy flashlight case.
* With high quality stainless aluminum alloy tool case.
* Decent design.
* Ideal for prospectors, travelers, security guards, and all those who need good illuminating environment.
* Brightness: >2000LM
* Color temperature: 6000K
* Optical efficiency: 60LM/W
* Irradiation distance: ≤800m
* Ballast input voltage: 9V~16V
* Working Voltage: 12V
* Working current: 3.2A
* Starting Max current: <8A
* Power output: 24W
* Output temporary max voltage: 23KV Max
* Battery Mode:ICR18650 (2200mAh)
* Battery charging voltage: 12.6V±~0.1V 2.0A
* Battery lifespan (charging and discharging times): ≥500 times
* Bulb life-span: 3000 hours
* Continual illuminating time: 90 mins
* Working environment: -15~+50 celes degree
* Starting environment: 0~+50 celes degree
* Waterproof degree: IPX3 Waterproof
* Packing: Stainless aluminum alloy tool case
* Color: Silver (as shown in the pictures)
* Length: 23.5cm
* Lamp holder diameter: 5cm
* Net weight: 0.7kg
* Case weight (including all contents): 1.63kg
* Case size: 26.5*18*9.5cm
* Don't put it close to or in fire.
* Don't let it short-curcuit.
* Avoid high hit and vibration of the battery.
* Don't anatomy cell body or mix with the different models.
* Don't immerse it in water or other conductive liquid.
* Don't exposure it to children.
* Wear the special protective cover when removing the battery from charger, avoid the metal object encountering short-circuit.
Item Includes:
1 * 24W 2000LM Ultra-Bright HID Xenon Flashlight Torch Waterproof Silver
1 * AC adapter (110-240V)
1 * Car charger
1 * Rechargeable 2200mAh Li-ion batteries
1 * User maunal
1 * Tool case

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